Moon Animate Make-Up

Production Blog: Moon Animate Make-Up! 

Moon Animate Make-Up was a group collaboration to reanimate an episode of Sailor Moon, shot-by-shot in each artist's personal style. From October 2013 to July 2014, Kaitlin personally recruited and managed close to three hundred artists and assembled a full twenty-three minute episode that exhibited hundreds of diverse and unique styles of animation.

Working out of her home office in Seattle, Kaitlin broke down the episode into individual shots, tracked the show's progress in Excel and edited each clip together to create a seamless parody episode with the episode's original English dub. Without any prior online following, Kaitlin used the resurgence of nostalgia for Sailor Moon to her advantage to recruit animators. By implementing Tumblr as her primary production blog, she was able to reach out to the largest number of amateurs, professionals, and fans due to the site's popularity with working artists.

The project received overwhelming international acclaim from press as varied as The L.A. Times and Entertainment Weekly to Anime News Network and Kotaku Japan. For an archive of the project's press, please visit the production blog on Tumblr.

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